Sunday, November 11, 2007

for reaL ???

sabaQ...sabaQ...*clicK image for biGgeR piCture....*
malaS naK loaD... sila ke...

Friday, November 09, 2007

need a breaK anYonE ???

i sEriuoslY neeD a BreaK...
wiLL update lateR as i have One moRe daY to gO before mY maJlis "pre-hitCheD"....
wisH me LuCk...

*dOorgifTS lineD up.. cute tak ??*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sesi Berbalas panTUn ,..

this news may came a bit tOo late as the actual occasion took place 2 weeks ago...but who cares...

Ditengah rimba singgah raja
Berasa gusar membina kota
Bukan hamba datang sahaja
Niat besar tidak terkata

Kumbang mengintai dilaman
Hinggap diranting mencari pasangan
Bunga kembang di dalam taman
Hendak kami sunting dalam jambangan

Indragiri negeri lama
Berpuput bayu di atas puri
Besarlah hati kami terima
Hendak ditanya empunya diri...

YES!!!!..* sungguh gedik*

Friday, September 07, 2007


being a verY bIG coffee junkie...
This Picture really crack me Up esp the model pakcik tua kat belakang motor tuh...*pheeewiiittt*..
rather then spending heaps of cash on a plain late in Kopi bintang darL harBor... i rather spend RM1 in setarbak!!!..setarbak!!..setarbak!!!

But "Kopi bintang" will always be dear to heart...

dumbo girL...

It's JUst a matter of days...
i'll soon be up and running in MAlaysia Terchenta.. i had enuf of this running around. Cancelled UK and now i'm heading home for good. ThoRn ?? definitely.. Hopefully this decision making of mine is a good start. work colleagues here, the future ones in UK and even my line manager in Malaysia are still shocked and trying to make sense out of my decision of not to be on the run anymore. Obviously they are not aware of my "otak seminit" which apparently this time it came with big consequences to all parties.

i'm hoping for the best and really looking forward for the near future and whatever that comes with it.As for now..i'm just waiting for my DHL jumbo box to arrive cz yours truly haf jumbo stuff to bring back to malaysia...

note to all readers... it's the Dumbo season. please.. please...curb all enthusiastic remarks that will be spitting out from your mouth on how "big" i've grown out of proportion ..for heaven sake.. it's winter and who can say no to those mouth watering cheese.. chips.. kebabs.. icecream...chocs...doritos...*just a gentle reminder*...

this Dumbo girL is Flying oFf soon..

Saturday, September 01, 2007

mAmAsU's Big daY...

it was as if yesterday janie was filling up her UPU forms, running around clueless figuring what campus life is all about..and now, her gradUAtion....CongRats to mamAsu a.k.a Janie ..soRRy darL kak na can't attend and i managed to kidnap mak abah and abg li and bring them here. TApi takpe.. nanTi jaNie pUnye BIG convo day kak na JAnji.. i'll be there. iYa's Convo is due next yaer..weLL..weLL..weLL.. see how fast my darlinGs grew up. i'M proud tO have the honour of beinG yer biG sister.

as for janie.. U managed to go through the first hurdle in life..there's much more to come.. Congrats agaIn

p/s.. Saya sangat suke iTu gambaR..saya suke..saya suke..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm staring out into the night,
Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel’s a different kind of pain.

Well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
Well I'm going home.

The miles are getting longer, it seems,
The closer I get to you.
I've not always been the best man or friend for you.
But your love remains true,
And I don't know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

So I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
I'm going home.

Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don't want.
Be careful what you wish for,
'Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all, yeah.

Oh, well I'm going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I'm not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old.
I said these places and these faces are getting old,
So I'm going home.
I'm going home.

....p/s's Gonna Be reaLLY sOOn...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

bags and CloThs..who can get enuF of those??

Sesi bergaya dgN jaCket and Beg baru on the weekend..
Thanks to Janie, Ummi Ijah and iYA for those wonderful B'day pressie... MooooahhHsSs... iT FiT well wiTh my neW killer yummY chocH shoes that i bougHT mase mid-year sale..For the Girls back home... tHAnks DarL...

flowers, choCs and a year oldeR..

at first i'm in doubt that he's aLL romantic inside.. but the moment this was delivered to mY workstation on 23rd AUgust 2007. I rest my case.

Flowers..chocs..and a lovely card from my beloved darL is enuF to make leave me smiling all year round..

a year older definately.. wiser ?? maybe..but one thing for sure..i celebrated my 29th b'day on cloud nine.

Thanks darL for the flowers and chocs.. luV U much...mooooaaahhsss *gediks to the maX*

p/s... as for the rest of the girLs out there.. tOo bad this one is taken...

i'm alive...

It have been a while since i last drop a line here. as usual ..a lot had happened. Mamito, papito and lil bRo is here. They Flew in last 3 weeks just to celebrate mY b'day. The moment OM left I’ve been stuffing myself with work as it's piling up rather quickly. I have my contractor in place and had been working ever since. Not to mentioned i do have my break here and there and my usual trip Up to Sydney is the only method to "Un-wind". i felt guilty as mum, dad and adli are leaving tomorrow and i don’t really spend that much of a time with them while they were here. Leaving for work as early as 6 o'clock in the morn and coming back at 8o'clock at nite... hurmmm.. paling tak senonh anak mak sorang nih.

Despite the fact that i'm trying my best to serve both world. Being a good daughter and host for them as well as working my ass out at times. I hafta say that i'm blessed of having a very understanding family and to top it parents are the best. Managed to planed fun filled stay for them in sydney with fariz as their full time tour guide (thanks darL..nanti kak na belanja lindt k.. ), trip to Canberra was not that bad either, and they enjoyed their 3 days stay in Melbourne. All in aLL i think *hopefully* they did enjoy their stay here. Walaupun i do lock them up in the house most of the time sampai i balik from work... but it's not that easy to please everybody when i hafta work most of the weekdays.

HAd a wonderful family dinner on my birthday night at Taj mahaL. Tears was forming in my eyes when Mamito said "thanks iNa for being a wonderful and good daughter for the past 29 years. This year will be the last of My single iNA as next year she'll be someone's wife"...*me all teary inside*.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Those were the priceless moments in life.. Thanks mamitO, papito and the rest of the family for making the best out of me... *tears*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the Nurse and My chocH piZza...

aloT had happened lately...Last week was really hectic as we (me and TAN) was being asked to go on a "special assignment" of being a nurse to one of our collogue who suddenly went cOOkoo.Yup..Mental breakdown and we ended our special task with a
special pat on the back by the Site Manager on Friday.

SAturday and sUnday was a different game ball all over..Nordin is in sydney for some fabrication yard audit and since yours truly have nothing better to do, i paid him a visit.

Went around the city with fariz and amirul on our final shopping spree as sunday was the last day for mid-year and tax return sale. Menyebok kat MAx brener double bay where jimmy works.

Chocalate pizza ?? how could come up with such an idea for such a forbidden food!!!!gIle sedap.

work is catching up progressively and soon i'll be working on saturdays and for now, i'm trying to keep myself as low profile as possible. Nothing much can be done since there is no longer any freedom to write.

Monday, July 09, 2007

i was trying my best to hold back tears the moment i send him off at Sydney airport. i thought that i was emotionally prepared for it.i was singing, BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY at the back of my head.

after nearLy one month of fun filled all comes to an end.

sedih ??'s hard enuf that i'm back to my dull day-to-day routine the weather reflects my grief as it had been raining lately.

the hardest part is waking up in the freezing morning and going to sleep at nite knowing that yer love one is so far awaY...

i'm terribly missing my Chef and fully imported heater every second of the day.

however..i'm thankful that i had him around for the past one month *blessed*

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SlapPed back to realitY

i had been on cloud 9 for the past 3 weeks, Good things usuallY dont last that long especially for me.

a call from home yesterday managed to slap me back to reality. For what it's worth, i know i've put my best foot forward in making this happen and i shall leave it to HIM for the rest of it.

i don't have the upper hand in almost everything...dare Not to hoPe and dare not wish..

How i wish that i have "azlina for Dummies" on the bookshelf somewhere so i can figure my way through in life. To BAd…this machine doesn’t come with a manual…

MamitO.. prayers might not be answered all the time…but maybe this is HIS way to show that maybe HE have something better installed in future…Or maYbe NoT..
as for the time being..

Monday, July 02, 2007

aMIK galaH toloNg jolokkaN...

At first it was supposed to be last wednesday then it was shifted To tHis WednesdaY...and Now it's Gonna be saturdaY..

WOoohOOo...Om is extending his staY *for the second time* Seronot...seronoT...His sms came through as i was busy finishing up my first aid course material at work...

"don't cancel your Wednesday class. You know the things that i do for U..."

flattered as i could be. sape kata my persuasive skills is not good? i think he's for keep. i'm flying without wings...cepat amik galaH tolong jolokkan...

*tersangatlah gediknye*

Friday, June 29, 2007

AiyarK ciK siTi...

aiyOoo yOooo....
aiyarK cIk siTI pOmpuaN maNyaK muDa...
ana maNyaK taKoT..jalaN TuTuP maTa...
UwanG daN linGiT..ana TaLak helaN aaH...
aNa BanyaK helaN aaH jalaN TuTup maTa...

i'm speeChless..The mOmenT i annOuceD that OM is in town, The fone keePs on Ringing, sms masok macaM aiR terjon.

Freaking me out aah you Guys nih."ana maNyaK taKoT jalaN TutuP maTa"..MAsiH gelaP lagi. UncertaintY runs wild. What ever stored for me in future is stiLL unclear. RamaI lak POm-poM giRls (and MuM) cheering for me. For all my cheerleaders baCk Home (mum included *wink*) guys better drop those Pom-poms and find something better to do. hahahahha...

anaKnda berada Dalam keadaaN sihaT SejahtERA sentiasa...

Gile PsychO *pening-peniNg*...
p/s..mak dok nag pasal the previous piX... kena aaH delete .. cian maK...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

City Boys masok kamPung...

FAriz and Amirul decided to join us in wollonggong last weekend. They got tired of city life and spend the saturday in laid-back kampung life here.

The Two adorable RascaLs hopped on the train pepagi hoping that wollonggong have so much to offer. TOoo baD...mana ade ape2 kat wollonggong...CheF haRRis prepared sasuCa (eggs and tOmaTo served with BreaD..yUmmY) for b'faSt and we headEd down tO kIama Blowhole. Hoping to catch some volleyball action and craft market there but yours truely salah carik tempat *Bad evenT organizer*. AnywaY the twO city boys had so muCh fun clowning around posing for Good friendster Pictures.

We went straight to wollonggong beach just in time for the sunset. Freezing cold.

Rupe-rupenYe it was amIRuL's B'daY so we decided to treaT him indiaN fOod in TAJ mahaL and theY made their way baCk tO sYdneY wiF tummY full of Tandoori, mutton masalla, dHAL etc and tOnnes of good scenic pIctures to upload on theiR friendster.

Monday, June 25, 2007

happiness and it's causes...*wink*...

HAppY sMIlY peoPle..iCe RocK in During winTer ?? MAlaYsiaNs aRe Bunch oF craZy PeopLe..<
a href="">
HAppineSs aNd iT caUSes ???..dO i need To elaBorate ??

wiSe MOnkey BAr...MonyeT BijaKsaNA..see No MonkeY..hear nO MOnkeY..saY No MonkeY..

FArIZ and Yours TruelY...stiLL intO iCe Rocks...
Poisonous spaghetti that I have been Feeding OM…Yucks…iT Taste Like Dog fOod!!!

heLLo peopLe...
Winter is kicking in fine.mY fingers are frozen all day long. Mi casa doesn't serve as a shelter in winter as it is as good as staying outside..sejok gile. dreaD every moment masok umah. Macam masok peti ais. Don't get me started on the heater, i think my hairdryer is even warmer then this So called "1000W heater". Luckily i bought this comfy chocolate suede blanket which is remarkably amazing and had been keping me warm all night long.

OM has decide to extend his stay *yea..yea.. jumping with Joy*.cian gak kat dia as he spent most of his time at home when i'm at work .once in a while he'll go out to catch some sun. tapi most of the time hibernating at home.Our outings are during the weekends. anyway i'm enjoying every single moment of his stay here at least i don't feel that home sick anymore. He comes in handy around the house.semalam dia tlg seal my door with the thermal thingy and hopefully it works.

I pity Om as he have to bear with my lousy home cooking, If i were him i would opt for pizza instead but he was to polite to say No.

aLL in aLL... i have to say that i'm very-verY haPpy sinCe i have all it's cauSes wiF me...GO figUrE...!!

p/s..Click Image for bigger Version...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

peti ais....

Lately nih not really in the mood to write eventhough alot to teLL. OM is in town. He landed malaM juMaaT and i was his official tour guide for 2 days. He's having a bad time at home now coping up with the cold weather and his cramped foot. It was raining throughout the whole weekend. bad timing aah...cian Om..sure menyesal datang sini...

someone sent this piX to me. Dah lama tak nampak gambar dRm. me Loooikee...

p/s..will up load the pix later.seriously in a gloomy. winter had frozen all my good mOods and's noT PMS..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

paK l4h ku kawen laGi..jalUr gemilang..cemerlang & terbilang ?

when pak l4h was fully occupied wif his bernikah session last Saturday, we were sadly staring at the half thorn jalur gemilang in Malaysian haLL.

Pernah dulu ade kempen kibarkan jalur gemilang besar-besaran. Yup, they still kibarkan, The only thing is you can see the jalur but not gemilang anymore...

that shows how proud we are to be malaysian BY flying the half shredded piece of cloth which eventually suppose to be one of the most treasured item of the country..tHe national flag?? and to make things worst this is in MAlaysian hall!! it's not like rumah pak abu kat kampung ujung kampung. I think the flag that abah dok pasang every merdeka day (without fail) kat umah is far more better then this.

sedih..sedih...but then fariz kata pagi semalam diorang dah tukar dah the flag.

maK laH baRu.. bendera Baru ??


kopibintang weekend...

spend the long weekend in sydney. It's the queen's b'day so we got monday oFf. This Time on my 3rd tanggang quesT to sydney we stayed in Malaysian haLL...

CAn't say mUch bout the place. Cosy and yet cheap *again cheap skate in the house* but it's filled with snobbish students. well what do you expect most of them macam dah jadi pr kat sydney but what the heck as most of the time we are out pun.

Our 1stday jazz fest plan in Darling harbor was washed out by the rain. we enjoyed the 10 minutes show but ran for shelter the moment it started to rain. We had good coffee, mocha and ice-cream at the lindt tho'.

If it's in Kl.. u'll probably find me doing coffee in KlCc.. now i found my new spot ..Darling harbor....wanna Join me for cuppa anyone ??

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ginger bread man...

i was at the craft market in kiama a few weeks back.Looking for some cheap stuff *datang aussie jadi cheap skate lak*...

there we were...lazing around suddenly TAn decided to make a pit stop in one of the stalls selling cute stuffed key-chains.

he was squatting on the ground going through the big pile of cartoon figured key chains.What the fish ?? i never knew that well grown men like dolls and cute stuff as well...but let it be.. he bought a whole bunch of those. Gingerbread man..superheros..monkey figure and blah..blah ..blah... The gingerbread man tops the list as the leg can be detached.Cute huh ?

as we (abg harris, yen, tan and yours truely) are strolling down pitt street last saturday.i was trailing behind the so to say "nearly lovebirds" when i noticed the gingerbread man key chain was clingging for his life at the end of Yen's handbag. hOhOho...*i was smiling to myself*. How sweeT....

sometimes small things such as the gingerbread man can make such a big difference to others...

i went back that nite... going through my thick pile of cloths looking fer a red and white t-shirt.That nite i slept in my Turkey t-shirt...*wink*

p/s...HappY b'daY to OM...

Monday, June 04, 2007

lOoking for darLings at darLIng harbour

yet another weekend in sydney. This Time we decided to look for darLings in darling harbour. This is my second time here. 1st time gi ngan Auntie Zizah & the family. The chili mussel at iCe cubes was YuMmy. TAn had most of his time occupied wif yen (dating...) Both of us..abg harris and yours truelY decided to enjoy the evenig having our cuppa at the harbOur. Bumped into a few malaysian from the High-commission Sydney and cannbera at paddy market.

masa kat starbUcks the barritas was from indonesia.NIce guys.tetengah lepak..killing time at starbucks darling harbour i noticed 2 guys next to our table nampak macam melayu...tanpa segan silu..

"excuse me.. Malaysia ke?"

Luckily they answered yes..kalau tak maLu aje.. that was how me made new friends. sorang final year student and 2 more is working in Pric3waterhous3cOopers sydney.we exchanged Numbers and they hopped on the Malaysian cruise.Eventually the Malaysian selalu organise get-together and this time diorang booked one of the cruise and had and drinks on board. Maybe next time i'll be joining...

Later part of the nite..we had hot choc at max brenner. Choc by the baLd man. It's one of the best choc in town. Very long Que for a small table but it was worth it. who needs datO' k ?? i have max breNner...
We went back empty handed..nO darLIngs in darLing harbOur..

Friday, June 01, 2007

welcoming winter with drops of tears...

1st day of winter in New south wales (NSW).I've increased my daily clothing layers from 2 to 3.No more skimpy nighties at bed times as basically yours truely is a complete Mummia (3 layers minimum complete with socks)*dont even bother to think about lingeries...*. The heater is just a piece of metal junk as i'm freezing most of the time.3 layers of comforter (they call it dooner here) is not good enuf..i'M a warm blooded mamalia for heaven's sake.i need heat.

Adli has started blogging again. I adore his writings all these while but eversince he started working nih he's kindda buzzy and maybe writer's block kot.

the moment mamito mentioned that adli's blog is back "alive" i can't wait to be at work *still no internet connection at home maaaa..kena check kat site office*.So there i was this morning..Enjoying every single story that he wrote over coffee *yup coffee machine fixed*.the "lil ariff birthday" post touched me deep.hazy eyes..drops of tears..welcoming the cold heartless winter.

p/s..adli's blog

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

mY babY aLL grown Up...

i spend most of my weekends hybernating lately. staYed in bed abit late and went fishing wif the guys in kiama. Ngu (MYAP-Malaysian Alstom Malaysia) came to site for the technical clarification but ended up vacationing in Wollonggong instead. went for some lousy abOrigin show and coffee afterwards at shellharbour. laid back weekend for me as i was a bit tired to go to sydney. abg harris and swee zhi got a $179 ticket for salah parking.dammit..decided to split it, tapi 2 of us aje yang nak split, the other makcik buat bodoh aje. tOo much to ask aah. That managed to spoiled my whole weekend...

On a more cheerfull note...

MamitO called... Updates on news from malaysia..bad..bad auntie..i forgot my baby's b'daY.WArmest birthday wishes with a couple of wet kisses and un-breathable hugs by the side goes out to mY adorable lil babY...babY aRief haKimi... dah besar dah my lil prince

saw some of the b'day pix on kak ijah's Blog. ( nice. my baby is all grown up. It feels like it was only yesterday i walked into the labour room. welcoming him to the world.stiLL can't belive that i'm an auntie. started using the "MamaNa" hOnouR. it tOok me a few weeks or was it months that i managed to gather aLL my guts and cradle him in my that point of time, the world stood still, it's just me and my baby.for everything else there's master card..moments like this priceless..*sempat lagi aku wat ikLan mastercard*

It still feels as if it was an hour ago when i was proudly cradling my love in chop and steak and tak tau macam mana ... i ter-dropped him on the floor. Got a very warm public scolding session from ummi i wish i could tell ummi ijah that it wasn't done intentionally and i wouldn't do such a thing to my lil precious ?..i've guarded him with my life.(mental note.. high heels, baby in arms and uneven ground is not a good combination). I was holding back tears as i stomped my way out of the restaurant.Guilt was eating me alive.. How could i be so reckless and dropped my "beloved lil prince ?".BAd auntie.. very bad auntie indeed...

and now... on his b'day, his mamaNa is nowhere to be found. time i promise we'll have his belated b'day party once mamaNa is back."mamaNA gi mana ayep ??"..maMAna gi WORK !!!

Hope that he likes his spidey Outfit that mamaYa, papaLI and mamaSu have picked out for him.

for baby arief.. happy b'day darL.. despite the fact that now dah jadi abg ayep..but u'll always be MamaNA's lil baby ...mOOOAhhhss from afar..missing u every moment of the day...and you readers tOo...

p/s : ummi aa picture ayep in his spidey suit..sure cute gileR

Friday, May 25, 2007

slaP me awake...

it's bad ... really2 bad .. normally i'll drag my half asleep feet out of the house at 6 so that i can reach site in time by 6:30 and the morning dosage of cafine at the pantry will boost up the whole sleepy me. Winter is just around the corner and big cafine dosage is crucial to warm me up and keep me up and running throughout the day..

but not for today... the coffee machine broke down.. darn!!! no freshly brewed of coffe ??? huh ??? there's only nescafe and milk and it taste like crap as fresh milk dont go well wif nescafe.
the existing coffee machnine was flown all the way from Qeeensland from our previous Breamer site. that piece of metal cost*0dy expensive aye'? nak dekat RM6k kalau convert. and now it's not functioning. kena tunggu expert datang repair all the way from sydney. I heard something wrong with the bean grinder. shOOT!!! everybody in a shiTty mood today. feels like kicking the machine ... give it a good knock..bang here..bang there..maybe it might do the trick ...mind the faulty lang in the morning...hope i'll survive the day... you guys have a good day ahead

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOve mY love handles....

...blame it on the weather...
freezing cold lately kat sini. at times it could go down to 10C and it's not even winter yet. The freezing wind is really terrible. sampai tulang. i enjoy the sun ... but bile sesejok nih lemah lutut.

daily more skimply lil baby tee as i have to be in layers, 3 at least. The winter uniform do helps a bit but then kalau memang dah tak tahan sejok, bungkus berapa lapis pun tak jalan gak ..

weather like tend to eat more..cepat excercise...wonderful ain't it ? balik umah ..makan ..tidoq...whatever i pop in to my mouth ends up as one of my many collection of love handles. darn!!!

Now the site are flooding wif people from Malaysi4 as 3 of them are here to do auditing. It had been 2 days in a row that we bring them out for another round of "button bursting" session complete with ice-cream for desert. shoOOTT!!! by the end of the week i think i can't even fit into the door. sO have to stop this...or better still someone gimme a jackhammer i need to knock down my door...*wink*

.....Yup...yup...dah tembam... tau...tau.. liposuction needed as well...

Monday, May 14, 2007

taNggaG on the quest to find The Opera House...(part III)

Please starT from the 1st part...Yours TruelY tonggenG lak todaY terbalik posting...
i seriously have to have mY fotopages... Gile Susah..gambaq banyak gile..but can't upload all..hurMm... let me think bout it first....anywaY ...enjoy the pix...(click for bigger version

taNggaG on the quest to find The Opera House...(part II)

iNside Queen ViCtoria Building *splenDid*

mana Opera house niH ???

oPera House ?? takde pUn...!!!
seriouslY this Bl0g sucks...!!! susah gile nak upload pictures...i have to have my own fotopages aah....*click for bigger version*

taNggaG on the quest to find The Opera House (part I)

tHe caThedraL...

GeoRge Street ?? maNa ??? Where ???

The QueeN...

during my last Trip To sydneY i Only enjoyed window shopping and darLing haRbour. So in my quest 2nd to menjelajaH sydney.. we (yours truely, swee-zhi and and harris) went up to sydney last saturday.

Everyone was clad in our comfY shoes as we decided not to drive and took the train instead. We left kampung wollong0ng as early at 7. The train ride tOok us 1 hr 30 minutes..(yup...kamPung wollongong indeed)...

Our journey started from Central Train Station to ChinaTown..paddYmarket (macam petaling street)...Queen Victoria bUilding (QVB), the cathedraL, down george street, the Rock..all the way to Circular quaY and ended in The Opera House...

JAuh ?? tak laH...6km walk aje *macam nak tercabot kaki* Pit stops here and there..Coffee BReaks whenever we bumped into st4rbucks. The weather was splendid not to cold it was 16C.

looking forward for mY "3rd Tanggang menjelajaH sydney expedition"..

enjoy the pictures...(click for bigger version)

*fair warning...yes i gained weight*

Friday, May 11, 2007

sToRies from Malaysia...

The picture that was Published in cleo..tah hape-hape tah..

i like this One..

b'day giRl with her murder the eligible bachelor attempt...

This may come a bit delayed.But who cares since most of you have already known bout most of the stories...

Firstly nak wish kak iJah happy 30th b'day. Hope that you have a wonderful year ahead ummi iJah. Luv you much sis.dah tak leh notty-notty as you are no more in the 20's.Ooo..nak kangaroo yea ?? jangan harap, i haven't seen one myself..seagull banyak aah ..naK ?

Adli eventualy was nominated to be one of the "50 most eligible bachelor for Cle0...huh ? My brO ? The most eligible bach ?? i still remembered when i was young *that was looong..looong time ago*.. i never failed to turn up in KLCC every year to drool over the lines of eligible bachelors on stage..i was screaming at the top of my lungs everytime they strip off their tops and parade themselves on stage..* was that easy to keep me entertained..??*and yet brother ?? sheesshhh!!! mak told me that the picture featured in the magz was one of the lousiest picture ever and i can't agree more.i have tonnes of good pictures of him. definately better than the one yang being published tuh..sesungguhnye kak ina tak puas ati..but mari..mari..mari.. aFundi adli..bachelor no guys can vote for him here *sempat lagi aku promote adik sendiri...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dry yer eyes mate,,,

This came in my mail bOx from lil bob o'mine...

perfect words for my state oF life.need not have to add any, as iT speaks by itselF..
*thanks DArL*....The World forgetting..By the World forgot...

No, fly me, fly me, far as pole from pole;
Rise Alps between us! and whole oceans roll!
Ah, come not, write not, think not once of me,
Nor share one pang of all I felt for thee.
Thy oaths I quit, thy memory resign;
Forget, renounce me, hate whatever was mine.
Fair eyes, and tempting looks (which yet I view!)
Long loved, adored ideas, all adieu!
Oh Grace serene! oh virtue heavenly fair!
Divine oblivion of low-thoughted care!
Fresh blooming hope, gay daughter of the sky!
And faith, our early immortality!
Enter, each mild, each amicable (i.e. peaceful) guest;
Receive, and wrap me in eternal rest!

How happy is the blameless vestal's (i.e. pure) lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned...

You managed to cheeR me up when everything else failed..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my titaniC

It's nearly a month since i've been away from home. homesick?? dah tak sangat but still have to "berlakon" so that tak dpat title "tangganG lupe darataN"....
i managed to get the whole "tune" of living in kampung w0llongg0ng...
Life is totally different here compared to back home in malaysi4..

My daily routine would start as early as 5 cz i've to be at site by finishes at 5:30, but then 5 o'clock sini dah gelap gulita. most of the shops even malls closes at 6pm. Except on Thursday (paydaY- which will be extended until 9...). I'll hit the bed at 9...Huh ?? iNa tido kUl 9 ?? boley masok Ripley's belive iT or noT...bUt that's the fact... *i'm not writing this to impress Mamito or what so ever....* Most of my late night outing would be on the weekends but since i'm in this dead town of wollongong..nowhere to go..eventhough sydney is just 90 km away, with all the speed limits and stuff by the time sampai sana dah penat. I rather stay in and hybernate..

My weekends would be filled with outdoors activities, swimming, sight seeing, lazing around on the beach, Groceries shopping,doing laundry, dvd marathon, morning coffee at abg harris's, sessi makan2 membuncitkan perot..etc.

It may sound interesting to be abroad..but personally i don't feel like it. Lain kot kalau mase student dulu where u're surrounded by friends. sTudying and working abroad is totally different. lelaGi Now dah tua-tua nih, the pace, the mentality dah lain.

i'm in solitude misery....
tO make things worst is that i felt as if i have lost my sense of belonging, drawn apart...i was very close to my family and friends (and i wish i still am..) but the distance kills it all...

for the first few days.. it still feels as if i'm still close to them despite the fact that we are million miles away but then as time passed by, things started to give in...baru sedar..who much things have and will change. It doesn't take even a month for me to realise that my decision on being here will bring great changes in my overall life..

i will no longer will be the the person that i used to be..

"the naughty iNa" to mamito and papito- who will always balik lambat cz coffee wif friends until wee hours of the night..
i'm no longer "the kak iNa" to my 3 adorable spoiled siblings"- who used to bring them outings and spoil them with forbidden food during weekends...
i'm no longer "the lil iNA" to kak ijaH - who used to sakat dia and lovingly "condemn" her in whatever she does...
i'm no longer "the mamaNa" to my precios two babies - who used to teach ayep with wonderful-mamaNa-self-boasting-greetings such as "hi georgeous" & "hi beautiful" and sufficate aufa wif my kisses...
i'm no longer "iNa"to my best friends who could spend endless long hours over coffee and talkkok...

out of sight..oUt oF touch ???

someone did ask me back then..."will long distance relationship/friendship work ouT ??" at that point of time my answer was.."sure..all it takes is a little effort and lots of trust to keep things afloat..." but now... i think my ship is sinking....