Wednesday, February 21, 2007

celeBriTy lOok aLike ???

i'm now "the ladY of leisure". Having tOO much free time on mY own since i don't go to work anymore.yuP!! i'M now the "OFficiaL pengaNgguR terHormat"..
Please show me some dole monEY...
Just to kiLL Time, i ended Up doinG this...

CeleBrity ?? sO noT me....
i don't even know Most Of my celebs looK alike.
i Look like Clara B*w ?? Huh ?? who ??
buT after Much research (thanks to g00gle...)...Rupe-rupenye, she was onCe a very popular silent film actresses and was called the "It" girl, a reference to her undefinable sexuality. Wow!!! and agaIn...sO noT me!!!

What saY u ???

Sunday, February 11, 2007

LeaVe Rite nOw.....

I'm here just like I said
Though its breaking every rule I've ever made
My racing heart is just the same
Why make it strong to break it once again?
And I'd love to say I do
Give everything to you
But I can never now be true
So I say...
I think I'd better leave right now
Before I fall any deeper
I think I'd better leave right now
Feeling weaker and weaker
Somebody better show me how
Before I fall any deeper
I think I'd better leave right now
I'm here so please explain
Why you're opening up a healing wound again
I'm a little more careful
Perhaps it shows
But if I lose the highs, at least I'm spared the lows
Now I tremble in your arms
What could be the harm
To feel my spirit calm
So I say..
I wouldn't know how to say
How good it feels seeing you today
I see you've got your smile back
Like you say your right on track
But you may never know why
Once bitten twice is shy
If I'm proud perhaps I should explain
I couldn't bear to lose you again
Yes I will...