Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the Nurse and My chocH piZza...

aloT had happened lately...Last week was really hectic as we (me and TAN) was being asked to go on a "special assignment" of being a nurse to one of our collogue who suddenly went cOOkoo.Yup..Mental breakdown and we ended our special task with a
special pat on the back by the Site Manager on Friday.

SAturday and sUnday was a different game ball all over..Nordin is in sydney for some fabrication yard audit and since yours truly have nothing better to do, i paid him a visit.

Went around the city with fariz and amirul on our final shopping spree as sunday was the last day for mid-year and tax return sale. Menyebok kat MAx brener double bay where jimmy works.

Chocalate pizza ?? how could come up with such an idea for such a forbidden food!!!!gIle sedap.

work is catching up progressively and soon i'll be working on saturdays and sundays.as for now, i'm trying to keep myself as low profile as possible. Nothing much can be done since there is no longer any freedom to write.

Monday, July 09, 2007

i was trying my best to hold back tears the moment i send him off at Sydney airport. i thought that i was emotionally prepared for it.i was singing, BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY at the back of my head.

after nearLy one month of fun filled activities...it all comes to an end.

sedih ?? definitely..it's hard enuf that i'm back to my dull day-to-day routine ..work..eat..sleep... the weather reflects my grief as it had been raining lately.

the hardest part is waking up in the freezing morning and going to sleep at nite knowing that yer love one is so far awaY...

i'm terribly missing my Chef and fully imported heater every second of the day.

however..i'm thankful that i had him around for the past one month *blessed*

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SlapPed back to realitY

i had been on cloud 9 for the past 3 weeks, Good things usuallY dont last that long especially for me.

a call from home yesterday managed to slap me back to reality. For what it's worth, i know i've put my best foot forward in making this happen and i shall leave it to HIM for the rest of it.

i don't have the upper hand in almost everything...dare Not to hoPe and dare not wish..

How i wish that i have "azlina for Dummies" on the bookshelf somewhere so i can figure my way through in life. To BAd…this machine doesn’t come with a manual…

MamitO.. prayers might not be answered all the time…but maybe this is HIS way to show that maybe HE have something better installed in future…Or maYbe NoT..
as for the time being..

Monday, July 02, 2007

aMIK galaH toloNg jolokkaN...

At first it was supposed to be last wednesday then it was shifted To tHis WednesdaY...and Now it's Gonna be saturdaY..

WOoohOOo...Om is extending his staY *for the second time* Seronot...seronoT...His sms came through as i was busy finishing up my first aid course material at work...

"don't cancel your Wednesday class. You know the things that i do for U..."

flattered as i could be. sape kata my persuasive skills is not good? i think he's for keep. i'm flying without wings...cepat amik galaH tolong jolokkan...

*tersangatlah gediknye*