Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sesi Berbalas panTUn ,..

this news may came a bit tOo late as the actual occasion took place 2 weeks ago...but who cares...

Ditengah rimba singgah raja
Berasa gusar membina kota
Bukan hamba datang sahaja
Niat besar tidak terkata

Kumbang mengintai dilaman
Hinggap diranting mencari pasangan
Bunga kembang di dalam taman
Hendak kami sunting dalam jambangan

Indragiri negeri lama
Berpuput bayu di atas puri
Besarlah hati kami terima
Hendak ditanya empunya diri...

YES!!!!..* sungguh gedik*

Friday, September 07, 2007


being a verY bIG coffee junkie...
This Picture really crack me Up esp the model pakcik tua kat belakang motor tuh...*pheeewiiittt*..
rather then spending heaps of cash on a plain late in Kopi bintang darL harBor... i rather spend RM1 in setarbak!!!..setarbak!!..setarbak!!!

But "Kopi bintang" will always be dear to heart...

dumbo girL...

It's JUst a matter of days...
i'll soon be up and running in MAlaysia Terchenta.. i had enuf of this running around. Cancelled UK and now i'm heading home for good. ThoRn ?? definitely.. Hopefully this decision making of mine is a good start. work colleagues here, the future ones in UK and even my line manager in Malaysia are still shocked and trying to make sense out of my decision of not to be on the run anymore. Obviously they are not aware of my "otak seminit" which apparently this time it came with big consequences to all parties.

i'm hoping for the best and really looking forward for the near future and whatever that comes with it.As for now..i'm just waiting for my DHL jumbo box to arrive cz yours truly haf jumbo stuff to bring back to malaysia...

note to all readers... it's the Dumbo season. please.. please...curb all enthusiastic remarks that will be spitting out from your mouth on how "big" i've grown out of proportion ..for heaven sake.. it's winter and who can say no to those mouth watering cheese.. chips.. kebabs.. icecream...chocs...doritos...*just a gentle reminder*...

this Dumbo girL is Flying oFf soon..

Saturday, September 01, 2007

mAmAsU's Big daY...

it was as if yesterday janie was filling up her UPU forms, running around clueless figuring what campus life is all about..and now, her gradUAtion....CongRats to mamAsu a.k.a Janie ..soRRy darL kak na can't attend and i managed to kidnap mak abah and abg li and bring them here. TApi takpe.. nanTi jaNie pUnye BIG convo day kak na JAnji.. i'll be there. iYa's Convo is due next yaer..weLL..weLL..weLL.. see how fast my darlinGs grew up. i'M proud tO have the honour of beinG yer biG sister.

as for janie.. U managed to go through the first hurdle in life..there's much more to come.. Congrats agaIn

p/s.. Saya sangat suke iTu gambaR..saya suke..saya suke..