Sunday, September 28, 2008

greeTings froM abU dhabi...

~ home swEeeet home~

~hubby testing his nego skiLLs ~

~ while waiting for the rentaL caR~

~Posing ngan beg baRu ,,thanks kak iJah~

Alhamdulillah.i've arrived in one piece in laNd oF abu dhabi. Thanks to family and friends yang hantar kat Airport. the whole family & half of heLmi's familY was there. Ron pun ade...* thanks aLL..luV u guys Much*..

Still a bit jet lag but doing fine. was greeted at the airpoRt by the whole kampung malaYsia hehehe bOb and the geng from Dubai was aLso there. kebetulan Du (hubby's friend yang kitorang tumpang umah dia now nih) was flying back to malaysia on the same night.

the next few days was filled with furniture shopping, coffee trips, buka pose invitations, trips to the new house, beli barang..beli barang..and beli barang. I have to say that it's very pricey here. Eventhough you have the earning power but barang2 giLe mahaL.nO wonder zakat kat sini mahaL..3 times higher compared to tanah air terchenta.

we rented a car as i can drive here for a month. Nasib baik..kalau takpatah kaki. i can't imagine how difficult hubby was for his first month here without a car. it's difficult to get cabs during ramadhan.

barang2 furniture & electrical goods Inysa-Allah sampai lepas raya. So raya nih rumah baru still kosong. beraye di rumah orang aah. but for now raya plans are full with various invitation. Our house would be on the 4th..pening pale makcik nak masak ape?? and cooking just dont go aLong weLL... maGGie boley ? hahhaha

as for now, i'm just lazing around kat umah while hubby gi kerja. tomorrow nak hantar fazli back to malaysia for raye. sume raye kat malaysia... kitorang beraye kat sini aah... bUt Insya-Allah we'll make the best of it.SalaM finaL ramaDhan from Me & huBbY & lil-BabY dlm perot to aLL...

~merase gak lah naik BM 5 series chaufer driven kat sini..hahahhaha~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

raya This year and raya Last yeaR,,,

~mY last "single" raye..this year around i'm double and a 2/3~

i still remembered last year raye, earlY ramaDhan i was still in aussie struggling to free myself from all those sitework.terkinja-kinja aku nak balik malaysia.sampai boss pun tak leh nak cakap ape2. Looking for another job offer back home as i need not to be travelling again. kekononye nak settle down, which i did and was the best decision making i've ever done before. AT last i did celebrate raya in malaysia....

this year around lak..aku terkinja2 tak sabar nak leave the country. NOpe..not that i dont like spending raye here. sInce huBby had been gone 1 month ago.been bugging him to bring me along. cian dia raya sorang kata saNa. It's abit lonely without hubby around..yes i know i'm surrounded by relatives kat sini tapi terase mcm there's something huge missing inside.

Baby's growing bigger by the day..Alhamdulillah setakat nih tak tinggal pose lagi..kalau tak pregnant duLu by now sure dah banyak alasaN dah tuang pose... penat kena GI site..banyak inspection..terliur tengOk air coke gantung2 kat site..gastriC *nih sume reasons yang valid nih- don't belive me ..try working at site and u'll know*

will be leaving on the 25th way ticket to aBU dhab1. Please pray for my well being + an easy delivery for me there. Insya-Allah tahun depan kite raye Malaysia balik k? INsya-Allah.yours truly kan gedIx and indecisive at time (or is it always??)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

one of those ramblings...

these few days had been really hectic as i was running around to get my certs certified by those kementerians.sijIl nikaH pun kena certify gak. going to U4E embassy 3 days in a row had really worn me out.

yesterday, As i was waiting for my certs to be certified i managed to get some "ME" time having my foot massage in Alamand4.Later i bumped into mR.eddy and his beloved wife dayaNg. Those newlyweds looked wonderful and mrs. eddy is 3 months pregnant. babe.. I thot we were the only one yg "Gelojoh"...hahaha... RezekI...

Tomorrow is yet another round to the 3mbassy. gile! hari2 gi jalan aMpang. I find it annoying that this 3mbassy can simple come up with their own rule. For example submission time is from 930 to 1130am and collection time is 1:00 to 2:00pm the next day. tak ke membuang mase org?? Dah tentu 2 harI keNA redah jem KL. daH lah camtuh.. each documents are charged RM150. weLL..yet stiLL dah requirement. Buat ajelah.

oN a lighter note, Baby's doing great. Had my second 4D scan yesterday (too bad hubby is not around to see..takpe nanti i'll send the cd over). Baby's healty and very on the other hand, my usuaL low blood. yesterday was 106/57.what impressed me the most is the Wonders of current-state-of-art-tech now days.the 4D scan is superb.i can see that baby is having my botox chin feature.Having an O & G sister in the family is really a blessing as i don't have to queue and do any prior appointment.malam2 pun boley scan.. *thanks to ummi ijaH*

i'm saving all my energy for the final trip to the 3mbassy *hopefully* tapi this time around iya will be joining me as she'll be having her final interview at selamberaje (go figure).. wishing her all the besT.

this preggie mama need some rest *will upload the baby pictures soon*

Saturday, September 06, 2008

p/s...i lOve U ...

dI kala-kaLa mandOm and depressed nih ...
ada baIknye i don't dweLL on things that will make me feel even worst..
Adli recommended some chick flick muvi to watch which goes by the title of "p/S..i Love U" and he even throw in the novel just to spices things up. Yup i know, the noveL is sOo 2004, but what the heck!! at times like this anything would do..

I dare not to read the novel first as i'm done with doing the same stOopid mistake with "da vincci code" and the rest of the best-sellers.You tend not to appreciate the muvi after going through the novels...

aLL in aLL the mUvI was gOod, hilary swank was awesome and despite we watched it on pirat3d Dvd the quality was superB *thanks to Ind0n good pirat3d Dvds*.It managed to cheer me Up a bit.

~struggling to finish the novel~