Saturday, May 22, 2010

brOg = bLog + brag

is it me or the blogging scene now days are becoming more stereotype. Blog hopping used to be my fav past time, but now the more I hop the more obnoxious I become.
most of the blog post will be about "I bought a new branded stuff ranging from handbags, footwares, even sanitary pads (apekah??) and the list goes on and on..."

sorry for being extra feisty today, I really missed those days when people wrote blogs out of passion of writing and not to mention those smart and witty "talk c0ck" blogs that haunts u daily.

I can't live a day without having my daily dosage of blogs but now I feel better without it.

1 comment:

CheHas said... tak leh brag guna blog. Cara halus nak bragging...heheheh.