Sunday, December 14, 2008

lil rayyan ...

he decided to see the worLD earlier. 13th december 2008...mama's Lil-rayyaN..
can't wait for papa to come home..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

25 days to go....

could anyone enlighten me, is there any specific time to enjoy scones, muffin and coffee ? cZ i surely feel like having it all day long regardless of B'fast, lunch, evening coffee, dinner nor supper...

Updates on babY watch...

Alhamdulillah .. as i'm already in my 36 weeks..
Baby's weight 2.4kg...
Mama's weight... u just don't wanna Know...

mY lil-one has officially enrolled himself in some sort of football league as he's actively kicking aLL day LoNg.
mama on the other hand is anxiously counting days and having sleepless nights..

starting mY "Hubby's Coming bacK counter"..13 days to go.... yahOoOoo!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


When You're nearing your delivery date.. small things tends to freak you out. It started about 3 am last night when I've noticed that i've been making extra trips to the Loo. Perot extra memulas."Please not another food poisoning!!".Laying in bed, i was cursing myself.."tuh la makan tak ingat!"

Regret making 2 trips to Mcd that afternoon. nuggets, ayam goreng Mcd,coke and fries on the side.Not to mention sebungkus nasik lemak, sekeping roti canai, 2 half boiled eggs and 2 kuehs for b'fast,desert jangan lupe, 1 sundae chocolate & 1 ferrero roche lecka-lecka at alamanda and a handful of jambu air + mY home made kuah kicap *come on you have to have fruits in your diet* demn... now padan muke!!sakit perot..

It was nearly 4 o'clock when i started to notice that there's this rhythmic pattern in the comes and goes and no more toilet trips. or is it just Braxton hicks contraction? tah-tah contraction betol kot ? can't be. I’m only in my 34th week but having a family history of having 2 premature nephews in the family i don't want to take chances.

Made a trip to HUKM around 7 o'clock but the pain dah takde takde sgt. (kak ijaH kata KPG tak accept prem cases..betol ke?).

There i was in HUKM..

The nUrse : Puan...sila tanggalkan seluar ye...
Me : WHAT ? *trying my best to act cool *Never done public stripping before. nasib baik ade selimut...

after strapping me with this belt which monitors the baby's heartache and any contraction the nurse left.20 minutes later kak ijah arrived. Thank GOD she came to my rescue!! but Nope...things just got from bad to worse.. my savior became my worst enemy.

Nota kaki utk REAder: your truly is the type who Freaks out in any event where pain is involved...i can run non-stop around the Library way back in 1989 during mY BCG & rubella injection. Cried a river bila kena amik daraH. Turned Blue during mY HIV blood test and the list goes on and on and on...

so... back to my story.kak ijah have to ensure that the passage is not open as the result showed that i did have one contraction and that was when the DRAMA started..kalaH sinetron Indonesia...with much anticipated pain and tears (cut me some slack here, it was painful tak caya korang buat aah!!)

Just when u tought that was the end of gets better. I have to take DEXA jab. Dua pulak tu!!!apelah doctor2 nih.. can't u spare some mercy for this poor preggie lady?

I left the hospital with a swollen bum, teary eyes and a half-thorn-ego. Oh ya not to mention "new polished award for being such a Drama-Queen of the DAY"
But Alhamdulillah, both MAma and babY are fine.2 days MC on my tab
i'm starting to understand why Allah promised "jihad kecil" every time a mother gives birth to a child.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MuncH awaY...

*click for bigger iMage*

~tummY full of pancakes~

~this PreGgie Mama who caN't sTop mUnchinG~
as i'm approaching mY 8th Month, my craving for food just got worst. i just can't call it a day without doing my usual pit stops either in MidV for those sinful big apple donuts or any mCd drive-thrus at least for a sunday cone. I've changed from not that much of a sweet-tooth person to a hi-sugar-craving person.I know it's not a good thing as preggie mommies tend to develop diabetics but i just can't help it. my weekend outings with the girLs would end up as sessi makan2.started to notice extra flesh here and there..weLL people say you're actually eating for 2 when u're pregnant...with the rate i'm going right now i don't think 2 is the correct figure..i'm actually munching for the whole neighborhood.

Friday, November 14, 2008

BAby TickeR...

weLL let me see if this works.walah!!! it works... i'm surpose to post this BAby-ticker by the side.Jap laGi try lagi. can u belive it ? 51 days to go.*mixed feelings*


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a very siCk weekend..

i had it all lined up..plans for the weekend and was really looking forward to it. I had Visit with the girls..lazing around.. catching up on sleep on the list. However it all didn't materialize but i did the last bit a lot. i started Saturday with a lot of pain as i strained my neck the night before. Spent the whole day in bed as the pain was really unbearable. As night falls, the neck pain was getting better yet another episode of diarrhea followed up. made a solid 12 trips to the toilet and i was seriously de-hydrated.

note to all readers..
active lil-baby in tummy + bad food intake the morning before = disaster.
everytime the baby moved, kicked or did his normal summersault routine it felt like your bladder was being churned to pieces..not a good experience.

The only good thing about the whole being sick thing was that i managed to catch up on my sleep and catch up with hubby on the net.

I recovered just in time for my MOnday morning meeting..demn!! kalau tak boley MC.

~sorry not allow to curse..not good for the baby..bad moMmy..bad moMmY~

Friday, November 07, 2008

stoopid question or stOopid people...

adLi told us this story not long ago.Being a paed Dr he is, he received this caLL from a mother of his patient...

patient's mOm : soN got Chicken Pox...can eat chicken or noT ?
Li : ????

but seriously .. when u're the patient, u tend to ask stoopid question.. or at least tought of asking stoopid questions..

during my early pregnancy..nak aje tanye kat doctor..

~"Doctor2...kalau you have s3x during your early pregnancy.. boley dapat baby lagi satu tak ?.. can it be some sort of kembar ?"
~"Doctor2...tali pusat baby tuh sambung kat my pusat gak ke ?"

people say.. "there's no such things as stOOpid Question.. It's only stOopid people asking questions.."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

sleepleSs nights...

been having sleepless nights lately. at times sampai ke azan subuh still can't sleep. Intan kata maybe i'm a light-sleeper..logic gak kot.. as the baby tends to be extra-hyper at night.i blame the time difference and the distance. AUH & m's1a is having 4 hours time difference and now since hubby is in saud1, it's 5 hours. so to get some quality time with hubby, have to sacrifice some slumber time. But that was before. now hubby's away kat rig and yet i'm still having sleepless nights. don't tell me that my body clock is all screwed up.i need good sleep.

amazing how a simple fone call can boost up yer day. after 6 days of silence..2 fone caLLs from darling hubby managed to cheer up my night and day. He's still stuck kat rig and bile tah nak balik AUH pun dia tak tau lagi. piTy him.takpe darL.. u hang in there kay ?

Had my 1st official check up kat KPJ yesterday. i'M blessed for having an O & G Doctor in the family *kak IJah ...wink...wink* aLL this while nak check up ke scan ke injection and stuff sume buat ngan kak ijah but since now dah nearing the delivery date have to start booking the delivery place. I haven't started shopping for baby stuff. saw this cute white rompers with red lil-bow the other day kat the curve.menyesal tak beli.. but i think it's way tOO much to spend RM178.00 for a baby romper.

This preggie mama Went on a shopping spree in the middle of the day on Tuesday as i'm running out of cloths to wear. still can't make myself to shop at all those maternity-shops...head to blook instead. i came out of the shop an hour later half broke but with an ear-to-ear smile across my face....

~i'm a haPpy mama-to-be indeed..~

Friday, October 31, 2008

LiL-baby ....

*click pic for larger view*...pesanan dari penaja...

for those yang haven't heard the news...i'm back in Malays1a
it had been nearly 3 weeks since i'm back home...
had been really busy catching up on things. banyak nak cite just don’t have the time to really sit down and write.
managed to spend remaining ShawaL face-stuffing and attending open house invitations. Attended Alia's Convocation Day, aLia's convocation dinner and Adli's birthday celebration.

ooH ya.. i've started working again but it's not like i'm doing this for a long term's more of like "landing a helping hand" rather than working as most of my "working" hour normally starts at 11:30 and ends as early as 4 ke..or bile i feel like it. The boss have agreed on having "flexi-hours" and more of "coordination, training all the newbie & attending meetings" kindda work routine. Less design work. me likeY.

Hubby is still in saud1..bahr1n to be exact. Hopefully he'll be back soon in Abu dhab1.Pity him.. bored sesorang kat saud1. Really hoping that he'll get his leave approved once he's back in abu dhab1. REally hope for him to be around during the delivery.

Had my regulaR baby check uP's healthy. as of today i'm 30 weeks 5 days. I'll be lying if i said that i'm not worried at all about the delivery. Been having cold feet every time pikir pasal bersalin...Praying really hard for an easy delivery and a perfectly healthy and fit baby.Insya-Allah.Pls pray for me..

~jUst can't resist to post the baby's piC~
soRRy..mama is verY excited...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sUria brAsserie

~the suprised b'day girl~

~hussin & doya~

~the cake~

~azman & zira ~

~b'day girl and her guCCi~

~the girls~

~the people~

~nak balik jom~

~the happy couple~

~chef & ~


managed to make a dinner trip to the most talked bout restaurant amongst all malaysian in Abu dhabi "suria". this is where chief work and we celebrated Doya's birthday here last nite. apparently "suria Brasserie" is the most bloged abot restaurant around.

Hussin managed to pull of a great suprise b'day dinner for his beloved wife doya. The b'day girl was in much suprise indeed, flowers...cakes.. anuar zaiN singing in the background GuCCi handbag as her b'day gift from her beloved hubby..numerous gifts..surrounded by close friends and family..good food..good ambience..what more can a birthday girl ask for?

~spending everY valuable seconds with hubby~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

house WarMinG...

*click on piCs for bigger view*

~the fOod~

~the guests~

~the kids~

~the Tuan Umah~

Huh...LEga...aLhamdulillah iT all went really well...

WE had our kenduri doa selamat & House warming last friday at villa no 2. Kalifah bin Zayed CitY. the earlier planned baca yasin & solat jemaah was shifted to after Isya as most of the guest sampai slightly late.. ade yang siap sesat sampai ke airport dah. Almaklumlah..Umah tUan umah nih kat UlU sikiT.

we served Mandhi dajaj and lamb, Home Cooked "CurrY mamaK", french loaf, kueh raye (yang penat aku usung dari malaysia), fruits and soft cookies. Ample food. Thanks to hubby yang sanggup gi mina port fetch the mandhi.

ade yang can't make it as they have plans and some of them still tak balik beraya lagi but Insya-Allah Hubby will be doing some sort of barbeque once he's back from saudi nanti. As for now i'm happy that everything was done up nicely.

Oh Ya.. surprisingly yours truly will be back in Malaysia soon. Surprised? tak yah cakap korang, aku pun still tak percaya lagi. Yup..both hubby and me have decided that it might be a better option that i have the baby in Malaysia. Since Hubby will not be around for nearly a month starting Wednesday, and nearing the delivery nanti he'll be going somewhere else lagi.. so due to his absence's the best that i'm back in Malaysia.

macam sesuke hati aje main ke sana ke sini- macam biskot chipsmore tak ingat perot dah makin beso, but this might be the last of it as I’m in my 7th month dah and by right dah tak boley nak fly. Hopefully it's for the best.Insya-Allah

*stiLL having mixed feelings about leaving*

Thursday, October 09, 2008

buTton popping session- AbU dhabi version..

~mandhi anyone?~

~the chocolat galler~

~tunggu nak terkam mandhi~

~the "mandhi Place"~

as it's nearing my 7th month of pregnancy, mY appetite seems to be catching up on pace. the only thing that worries me is that i don't think it's adding any pounds to my weight...tummy getting bigger- definitely and i can now fit into my miki preggie pants (finally). i'm making full use of those preggie cloths as tinggal lagi 2 bulan aje pun nak bergaya ngan baju pregnant (Insya-Allah). For people back home yang worry i don't eat and can't adapt to the food here .. worry no more.. This preggie mummY is munching her way all through out the day.

Had my first encounter with the most talked about "mandhi" last week. lebih kurang macam nasik beriani gam just that it's served in dulangs instead of plates (suitable for big eaters). As for the rest of the food's easy peasy to please my taste buds. theY do have Chilis here Hubby says- fOod that you call home.surprisingly you find so much comfort in chilis.It does bring back good memories of all the chilis trip that we had back home.

as for coffee place, there're bunch of it here. There's this coffee and chocolate place in marina called "The Cholate GalleR" where it reminds me of janie...the whole place is having a combination of orange and white. a bit tOOo "Finding nemO" for me but janie would adore this place and since we haven't establish our net-connection at home.. i've been making frequent trips to "the galler" as they have wifi and the CluB sandwich is good.
~ back too food and writing *munch..munch..munch*

Sunday, October 05, 2008

the house that is Slowly becoming a HOME..

~boxes here..boxes there...boxes everywhere..~

I must say I haven’t been spending that much $$ in my life compared to the last few days here. We took the opportunity of the Long raye holidays to settlekan barang2 rumah. Went furniture hunting, beli barang dapur, beli some home deco stuff and have to admit that it’s really pricey here and inefficient. Bayangkan … it will take us another 3 weeks to get our purchased items delivered from 1kea.. and the electrical goods pulak took a solid 2 weeks to be delivered. oNe thing that annoys us here..suke hati diorang aje nak deliver bile barang tuh, our mattress was delivered at 10:30 at night semalam and they don’t have the courtesy to call in advance and advise you when they are coming lak tuh.

The house is very cozy and spacious. Alhamdulillah, even tough belom sumer barang dah sampai.. a few more batches of delivery yet to come but the house is slowly becoming a HOME…

the One with sleepless raya night...

~ ketupatku~

~posing raya yang wajib*poyo*~

~raye di perantauan * sedih...waaaaa*~

~preggie mama posing raye~

~ raya iN mafraQ~

mY chaotic raya preparation started when we got the news that Abu dhab1 raya sehari awaL from MAlaysia, mase tuh it was about 9 o'clock malaM..still kat airport nak hantar kawan hubby balik beraye dikampung. It was nearly 1 o'clock when we left carr3fore after beli2 barang for raya preparation. Kul 12 baru nak start carik daging nak buat rendang. Due to time constraiN..hubby decided just to prepare soto & ketupat palas instead. It was really tiring as at 5am i'm still wide awake dok anyam ketupat palas. Ishk..ishK..ishk... missed solat raya as sini solat raya awal...slightly after subuh. But Alhamdulillah everything went well. The alst0m boys came down all the way from duBai and we managed to meet up at azman's house in mafraq.later part of the nite we had a small makan2 session at Du's place. The ketupat palas was a big hit not to mention the soto as well *berbaloi tak tido satu malam*

This year i celebrated my 1st raya as a wife disamping hubby terchenta and away from family kat m'sia. Sad ? definately... but i have to say that there are certain things in life we have to forgo and be out of our comfort zone once in a while. As for me, i must admit that it was difficult but have to make the best out of it. Alhamdulillah.. both of us are slowly adapting life here. FoR all our familY and friends.. selamat hari raye..maaf zahir & batin from afaR.

p/ piCs for bigger and better view...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

greeTings froM abU dhabi...

~ home swEeeet home~

~hubby testing his nego skiLLs ~

~ while waiting for the rentaL caR~

~Posing ngan beg baRu ,,thanks kak iJah~

Alhamdulillah.i've arrived in one piece in laNd oF abu dhabi. Thanks to family and friends yang hantar kat Airport. the whole family & half of heLmi's familY was there. Ron pun ade...* thanks aLL..luV u guys Much*..

Still a bit jet lag but doing fine. was greeted at the airpoRt by the whole kampung malaYsia hehehe bOb and the geng from Dubai was aLso there. kebetulan Du (hubby's friend yang kitorang tumpang umah dia now nih) was flying back to malaysia on the same night.

the next few days was filled with furniture shopping, coffee trips, buka pose invitations, trips to the new house, beli barang..beli barang..and beli barang. I have to say that it's very pricey here. Eventhough you have the earning power but barang2 giLe mahaL.nO wonder zakat kat sini mahaL..3 times higher compared to tanah air terchenta.

we rented a car as i can drive here for a month. Nasib baik..kalau takpatah kaki. i can't imagine how difficult hubby was for his first month here without a car. it's difficult to get cabs during ramadhan.

barang2 furniture & electrical goods Inysa-Allah sampai lepas raya. So raya nih rumah baru still kosong. beraye di rumah orang aah. but for now raya plans are full with various invitation. Our house would be on the 4th..pening pale makcik nak masak ape?? and cooking just dont go aLong weLL... maGGie boley ? hahhaha

as for now, i'm just lazing around kat umah while hubby gi kerja. tomorrow nak hantar fazli back to malaysia for raye. sume raye kat malaysia... kitorang beraye kat sini aah... bUt Insya-Allah we'll make the best of it.SalaM finaL ramaDhan from Me & huBbY & lil-BabY dlm perot to aLL...

~merase gak lah naik BM 5 series chaufer driven kat sini..hahahhaha~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

raya This year and raya Last yeaR,,,

~mY last "single" raye..this year around i'm double and a 2/3~

i still remembered last year raye, earlY ramaDhan i was still in aussie struggling to free myself from all those sitework.terkinja-kinja aku nak balik malaysia.sampai boss pun tak leh nak cakap ape2. Looking for another job offer back home as i need not to be travelling again. kekononye nak settle down, which i did and was the best decision making i've ever done before. AT last i did celebrate raya in malaysia....

this year around lak..aku terkinja2 tak sabar nak leave the country. NOpe..not that i dont like spending raye here. sInce huBby had been gone 1 month ago.been bugging him to bring me along. cian dia raya sorang kata saNa. It's abit lonely without hubby around..yes i know i'm surrounded by relatives kat sini tapi terase mcm there's something huge missing inside.

Baby's growing bigger by the day..Alhamdulillah setakat nih tak tinggal pose lagi..kalau tak pregnant duLu by now sure dah banyak alasaN dah tuang pose... penat kena GI site..banyak inspection..terliur tengOk air coke gantung2 kat site..gastriC *nih sume reasons yang valid nih- don't belive me ..try working at site and u'll know*

will be leaving on the 25th way ticket to aBU dhab1. Please pray for my well being + an easy delivery for me there. Insya-Allah tahun depan kite raye Malaysia balik k? INsya-Allah.yours truly kan gedIx and indecisive at time (or is it always??)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

one of those ramblings...

these few days had been really hectic as i was running around to get my certs certified by those kementerians.sijIl nikaH pun kena certify gak. going to U4E embassy 3 days in a row had really worn me out.

yesterday, As i was waiting for my certs to be certified i managed to get some "ME" time having my foot massage in Alamand4.Later i bumped into mR.eddy and his beloved wife dayaNg. Those newlyweds looked wonderful and mrs. eddy is 3 months pregnant. babe.. I thot we were the only one yg "Gelojoh"...hahaha... RezekI...

Tomorrow is yet another round to the 3mbassy. gile! hari2 gi jalan aMpang. I find it annoying that this 3mbassy can simple come up with their own rule. For example submission time is from 930 to 1130am and collection time is 1:00 to 2:00pm the next day. tak ke membuang mase org?? Dah tentu 2 harI keNA redah jem KL. daH lah camtuh.. each documents are charged RM150. weLL..yet stiLL dah requirement. Buat ajelah.

oN a lighter note, Baby's doing great. Had my second 4D scan yesterday (too bad hubby is not around to see..takpe nanti i'll send the cd over). Baby's healty and very on the other hand, my usuaL low blood. yesterday was 106/57.what impressed me the most is the Wonders of current-state-of-art-tech now days.the 4D scan is superb.i can see that baby is having my botox chin feature.Having an O & G sister in the family is really a blessing as i don't have to queue and do any prior appointment.malam2 pun boley scan.. *thanks to ummi ijaH*

i'm saving all my energy for the final trip to the 3mbassy *hopefully* tapi this time around iya will be joining me as she'll be having her final interview at selamberaje (go figure).. wishing her all the besT.

this preggie mama need some rest *will upload the baby pictures soon*

Saturday, September 06, 2008

p/s...i lOve U ...

dI kala-kaLa mandOm and depressed nih ...
ada baIknye i don't dweLL on things that will make me feel even worst..
Adli recommended some chick flick muvi to watch which goes by the title of "p/S..i Love U" and he even throw in the novel just to spices things up. Yup i know, the noveL is sOo 2004, but what the heck!! at times like this anything would do..

I dare not to read the novel first as i'm done with doing the same stOopid mistake with "da vincci code" and the rest of the best-sellers.You tend not to appreciate the muvi after going through the novels...

aLL in aLL the mUvI was gOod, hilary swank was awesome and despite we watched it on pirat3d Dvd the quality was superB *thanks to Ind0n good pirat3d Dvds*.It managed to cheer me Up a bit.

~struggling to finish the novel~

Sunday, August 31, 2008

sabaR ajeLAh...

even a tough cookie will break down and crY..
and this cookie did.....

i was feeling so down for the past couple of days...
iT started when mum & Dad left for Umrah a couple of days agO.
NOt to mention that things had been tough ever since hubby left for The emirat3s. Being left home with 2 nephews who are extremelY hYpeR-active and a maid who is seriously not able to cater for these two are tOo much tO take at times. Having my papers to finish up with tonnes of caLculatIOn to be done while having screaming kids as your background mucis is definitely a disaster.

However after 3 days of hide-out at Mummy's place i managed to get everything in order. Mentally, physically and emotionally prepared, i'm just waiting to face the fire..bring It oN... report ready, calculation all done Up..drawings Plotted..tunggu nak bind report aje...

IT was Thursday then the BiG Bomb dropped. The examiner had Declined to be my examiner since he was struggling to find a second examiner. daRn.. taLK aBouT baD LuCk .. i have Jinx written all Over me..

First the withdrawal oF the JoB Offer, now this ?? ApelaH nasIb..What have i done wrong to deserve this ? Deep down i was devastated. I'm not good when dealing with rejection. SaBO ajelAh...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

bY 30...

i once dreamt that by 30 i would be a political figure...
some sort of Put3ri uMn0, w4nita umn0 or whatever...
my wardrobe would be filled with pink, red kurungs and see through selendang..
i wOuld be verY buzzy campaining and and going around towns and "bendaNgs"..

My husband would be verY shY and timid
that would follow everYwhere i go without any limit...
No kids in the basket as i'm tOo BusY..
tO serve mY country and my beloved parTi...

i'll haF tO be in my dearest behaviour
no hanKY panKY oR what so eveR,,
oR else i'll be in all sorts of trouble..
and People are swarming to burst my bubble...

bUt thank God that now i'm a nobOdy..
where i can flee anywhere so freeLy....
i haf no remorse for not being anYbody
as beinG what i am Now..i feLt so LucKy..

*thanK GoD it was Just a DReaM...
haPpy 30th B'day To mE....*

Thursday, August 21, 2008


it's not the same when your other half is not around. i must say that i dread each and every second as the day passed by without him.

HubbY leFt for Abu Dh4Bi last sunday and yours truely still mourn in misery.I would be joining him as soon as i'm done with my papers. Meantime i'm back at mom's crib. being back home is good but it doesn't feels the same.

The whole irony of being left behind, not being able to work *as i can't no longer bear the long drives and packed roads all the way to damansara*, very lethargic at times, stucked with the papers to submit which i don't even have a clue how to do it!! damn... this is really killing me..

to top it all.. my job offer in UAe was withdrawn *don't they know that preggie lady pun boley kerja ? stOoPid c0nsortium*. I think i've drained out all my luck this time around.

Mum and dad are leaving for her yeaRly RamadaN-UmraH-trip on mY b'daY and will only be back in two weeks time.shoot!!!
Life is so full of ups and downs..
and i think i'm gonna be down in this dump for quite a while..

*dimana dIa anak KAmbing saya...
anaK kamBinG saya ada di sawaH paDI...
di mana Dia Chenta HaTi saya...
Chenta Hati saYa ade dI aBu dHabI..*


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pregnancY for Dummies paRt I..

i've been 16 weeks dowN thiS preGnaNcY lane and treasuring all the small, big and wonderful step-by-step experience of being a muMmy..i must saY that bile PreggIe nih some small things that yoU can do easily before are not"do-able" now...i came Up wiTH this lisT...

10 simPle things that you can't do when U're preGgY ...

1. You CAn'T jUmP for jOy... (physicaLlY aaH)...
nOpe... babY you can't!!! no mORe oF those kriSs kroSS musiC... JUmp..JumP ..maU bergegaR babY dlM tuMmy..

2. yOU can't eaT nenaS.. tebu ..tapaI...aiR kelaPa..durIan...(darN ...and this LIsT goes on and On and oN)..

3. yOU can'T sleeP on your tummY anymore..Org kata nanTI babY sakIT...

4. You can'T weaR your babY tees and skimpY outfit no More.. *sing*..bye-bye skinny jeans, baby tees, baJu kebaya...welCome oversized outfit & beLLy belT...

5. You can't hold on a leak...when you hafta really hafta gO...

6. yoU can't consume tOo mUch caffine..*Cut down on coffee bitching sessioN*

7. nO more caTwaLk ...yOU can't jalan kePit2...this is the thing that i can't reaLLy understand.there's this standard "preggie-Lady-walK" that you tend to adapt mase pregnant...legs apart... peRUt mCm kedepaN..jalaN macaM kengkanG sikiT...*but trust me... it's the "IN" thing should try ...

8. nO more LonG waLks.This is reallY baD for those yang suke Window-shopping...

9. can't skip a meaL..You'll easilY masOK angiN..and this will cause you to suffer for the rest of the daY esp. for those yang ade gastric prOb.

10. you can't bring yourself to measure your slightly overgrown tummy... *hahahhahaha..iN deniaL*

*enjoying everY mOmenT oF it*...