Friday, July 28, 2006

WARKAH UntuK BUdaK kecIk

Hi BudaK kecIk..
kakNa RAse sure BudaK kecik SunYi dGn ketiaDaaN kitOraNG kaT saNa..BruR brUr pun daH takDe, KAk na Pun dah takde. NO moRE MinoM Petang and LAte Nite MinOm session.TAk de laGi sape nak LAyaN milo GodziLLa ngan BUdak keciK. Tak aDA laGi Org nak TIdo ngan bUdak kecIK mase dia takot. Now nih laGIk terOK kak Na kena tdo sorang2.. nasiB baIk bilik ade adjoining tOileT ngan aDli kalaU ade pape haL laRi aje gi bilik Dia. hMm..kak NA takde .. takde laGi oRg nak ajaK bUdaK KeciK gi shopping kat maslee beli fruits. hMm.. taPi yanG palIng sengaL kak NA takde sure takde oRg nak jaDi driveR budaK kecIk ngan ShuK bila kalaH bettinG Bola...

BUdak kecIk...
dUlU kaT umah lama kiteR Dua SelalU susUN banTAL TidO kaT depaN TV .DEdua malaS nak NaiK ataS. laYAn UncLE SebElah umaH mase Gong xI fa CHAI so that dapaT buaH limaU & cOkelAt. baSoH keTA pepetaNG biLA KUaR darI site So thaT keretA taK karaT. huhuhuhu... hmM.. petanG2 boleY layaN cucuR kaT bus sToP. *AlamaK lapaR aaH PulaK*...

BudaK kecIK...
Kak NA dah taKde .. takde sape naK temaN BUdaK kecIk Gi balaI POlis.. hehehhehhe...taPi yanG paLINg besh... SesI maKAn naSik lemaK ayaM bersama Mr. Tee, Kak upeK & MAzWIn... macaM nak pecah kedaI dengaR dioraNG gelaK ...iShk..ishkk..iShk... SEngaL budak tiGa ekOR TuH..

budaK kecIk,,,
PAsaL UmaH kak NA kaT ponTIan Tuh ..alaH yaNG waRna PuTIh.. adE swimming pOol.. Setiap kalI balIk & Gi kerja Kite dOK usha Tuh..budaK kecIK amIk aaH cZ kaK na DAh jumpe UmaH yanG laGI grand kaT siNI. HARi2 gi kerja kak NA dok tgK Umah baRu .. dah taK iNgat Umah Lama ... UmaH lama WaRna Putih kaT pontian tUH kak NA baGI terOs aaH kaT Budak kecIk .. sO that BudaK kecIk boleY aDE 2 Umah ... DEdua dekat ngan Umah Aji .. senang nak amiK aJi Gi kerja...MusiM durian KaT pontian daH habIS ke ?? kaT umah sUre dah taKde geng makaN DuriaN kaN ??? FAriha TAkleh makan nanTi dia BErsIn (sama Ngan EJ). Liza KAk na TAk sure lak.. sUre windOO nak MAkan Durian ngan KAk na ngan Brur brur kan ?? takpe nanTi musiM durian laGi kitoranG pasti datanG.

OKeylaH budak keCik, KAk na nak TidO sok nak gI kerja. NAk Usha Umah barU kak NA laGi. BudaK kecIk take caRE kaY ?? LoTsoFluV frOm kak NA yaNG daH jauH dimaTA taPi alwaYS dekaT di haTi...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

kEraNA nILa SetitIk....

"gUA RAse silaP-silaP gua pUNye kawen PUn lU taK bOleH DTG .."
ThOse words CAme Out wheN it's Least expeCTed ,,,
MAcaM still terngianG-nGiang kaT teLInga..
hMMm.. Nape YeaK ??
Do i eaT thaT MuCh ??
dIA takoT aKu tak behave ke maSE KUndiRi tuh nanTI ??
will i make a sceNE LAter mase kenDurI ??

HATrEd ... IT won'T dIe oFf easilY...
weLL hopiNG all the Best for U BEb..

Monday, July 24, 2006

AdaPtInG To New EnvirOment.

IT haD been a week Since i moVed to KlIa. Well, franKLY it'S
reaLly a LEiSure time for me here compared to tanjung Bin. We're
the checker consultant and Client's representative for MAS.
MAS have a very small team at site. On SSP's side. We only
have 5 oF us. I have a fatherlY Resident Engineer, A brotherly
Clerk of Work and Assitant RE and a sisterly Site secretaRy.
The site is small and neat. Work wise, it's kindda slow. The M
& E Works haven't started full blast. All in all i can say
that now is the time for me to UNwinD. Despite of the minimal
work loads, i still haven't started on My PE paperworks.
Hopefully My "HoneymOon" session won't be that long cZ i need
to start doing those paperwork as i need to complete it before My
cOntract ends.."Ya AllaH kuatkanlah imanKu, jaUhKAn laH segala
TEmPtation yang boleh memesongkan aku DAri melakukaN papER

Sunday, July 16, 2006

L.A.Z.Y M.E. . . . .

THe BoX haD beeN sitting On mY beDroom Floor for 3 DAys and it haven'T move an IncH. By now i should Be going through it to start On mY PE papErworks and yet all i've done is slOwlY flipping though my logbooks. I'm struggling to recall back all the previous working experiences starting from 1999. My REM is nOt capable oF tracing bacK all those backdated histoRy especially when iT concerns work.

My first project as a Design EngineeR cum Consultant was MBSB developemnt in Sungai Besi. AiyaRKkk... aPe akU nak write dLm Professional Experience report nih...that was like 6 years back. ishkkk... how i wish i can Upgrade mY REM.. hehehhehe....

"The primary function of Design Engineers is to make things difficult for the fabricator and impossible for the serviceman"

mY girL.. cInta Pertama

i miSsEd it on the biGscreeN. i hEard it gOt verY hiGh reviews, Adli had been talking bout it non stOp, We even weNt arounD the whole MAh bOoN krOnG shopping mall during our ThailanD triP LookiNg for it's CD. And finaLLY i watched iT yestERdaY. All i can saY is CuTe.. bUt it's not wOrth the QuesT.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

aDA aPA DgN UBi kaYu ????

i've eNded My Live in TAnjungBin BloG. In the quest to find a new suitable name for thiS new Blog..iT involves some Head cracking sessions with mY close frieNd.. che CAme Up with some "BiG Words" title.. "the misconCeption of miSS_inA_aLi".. "tHe MisBehaved InA aLi"...hehehe.. KewL BuT unaccaptabLe..

Dice aT firSt tried to Be fuNnY ..."since U spend sO mUch oF your time at Starbucks and gloria Jeans ..wHy don'T u name it www. or oR staRgloRia.blogspot Or gloriaStar.blogspot... hMmM... the Last one sounds rather glamorous.... BuT naH !!!!!.. don'T think so ...

then we started talking bout our uPs and downs in life.... bittersweet memories... and Out oF the Blue dice mentioned "UbI KAYU"... hMmM... It doesn'T make any sense at first ... IT takes a while for me to think it through ...hMmM..UBI kaYu ,,..What makes Me so Attracted to iT ???
iNA = ubI kaYu ??

BAk Kata JenoH ..."tak cOmmercIAl langsung naMA"....
"ones who can think, thinks...
and ones who wish not to think ... wOnt..."

aDA aPA DGN UbI kaYu ???
uBi kaYu Or known as cassava OR lagi glamoUr Tapioca signifies a sense of productivity without any gUng hO. As They say "diam-diam UBi berisi" means the ablility to individually develop and contributes.

"ubI kayU" will alsO take us back to the time of WW2, during the japanese occupancy ... UBi kaYu being the MOst valuable meal around at that time symbolises hope to live.

The ability to grow almost anywhere and in a relatively Short peroid shoWs that UBI kaYU caN easily adopT to what ever surrounding enviroment.

The biological aspect of UBi kaYu which exhausts the earth of its nutrients as it is growing signifies the need oF variation and delibarate changes.

Despite Of it's dirtY and rough outter looKs ... once peeled, white, clean and splendid inner skin will appear... *winK*

UBi kaYU..hMMm.. aLL around it's USefuLL ...wonderfull dishes and products could be created ... PekeNA UBI kaYU reBUs.. Sambal ikaN biliS, ikan masin .. koPi panaS ... pEeeRrrHHh teranGKAT... !!!!

Having said enOuGh... So Ubi kaYU iT shaLL Be ....

weLcome to